Our Core Values

In 2012, ISI began to work on defining the principles that makes us ISI. During this process, we reflected on past experiences and interactions with our clients, employees, and vendors to help us uncover the beliefs that we already hold true. What we uncovered were five core values that have shaped ISI’s culture.

By upholding these values every day, ISI attracts and retains outstanding people, and has developed a reputation for delivering on the promises we make to our clients. These values are our chemistry and define who we are:

  • People – We help people succeed and reach their fullest potential. We believe in enabling people to leverage technology to create value by attracting, developing and investing in high performing people and multiplying our strengths, capabilities and results through teamwork.
  • Service – We create WOW by providing outstanding service. We believe in helping others achieve their goals through servant leadership and listening in order to understand needs, clearly define objectives and exceed expectations by setting the professional standard in our industry.
  • Integrity – We promote high ethical standards and keep our promises. We are committed to doing what is right, especially when it is difficult and making only those commitments on which we can consistently deliver and then acting in our clients’ best interests, first and always.
  • Optimism – We set positive expectations of others and ourselves. We plan and work for success by choosing to contribute rather than criticize and look to the future with enthusiasm.
  • Humility – We recognize that we are imperfect but always strive to improve. We grow through seeking first to understand others by listening openly to feedback and criticism and working for shared success, not selfish recognition.

Would you like to have a copy of our core values for your business or to give to a business you know? Let us know! Contact our sales team at (501) 217-8484 x2.