Headquartered in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and employing more than 100 people, Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare (SABH) provides the delta area residents access to quality behavioural health education and services.

We met with ISI in 2014 to determine how they could help us manage the technology needs for our locations. They were able to help us uncover issues that had previously gone unnoticed and give us an action plan that we could present to our board of directors.

With ISI’s help and guidance, SABH implemented Microsoft Office 365 to allow our employees greater access to communication tools and reduce our patient response time. They have also helped us ensure that we have a reliable backup of our critical data.

We also enrolled in focusIT management service to allow access to tools that help me support our employees with greater efficiency and higher satisfaction.

ISI understands the needs of our centre and has been a lifeline for my team. The guidance and consulting they provide to SABHS has been second to none.