Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community: Leading the Way to Economic Recovery #HTG

Body: Does your company specialize in the design, deployment, and customization of small business solutions using Microsoft technologies? • Are you an active member of the Microsoft® Partner Network? • Would you like to be a part of a community of over 6,500 Small Business Technology Advisors? • Are you looking for exclusive member benefits? Then join the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community and take advantage of these members-only benefits that can help build your business: Small Business Specialist logo and branding As a member you have access to the Microsoft Small Business Specialist logo to help you differentiate your offering and win more business. Increased exposure to customers in Microsoft directories (Partner Finder & Solution Finder) The Partner Finder allows customers to enter their zip code to find Small Business Specialists in their local area. The Solution Finder allows customers to use an advanced search form to refine their search criteria. Privileged access to the Microsoft Local Engagement Team The Local Engagement Team, comprised of ten locally-based Business Development Managers, is a resource to help you successfully drive marketing and sales efforts. Small Business Specialist Online Technical Community The Online Technical Community offers break-fix technical support generally within four hours on a variety of Microsoft products, issues, and questions—during local business hours, Monday through Friday. Automatic registration to the SBSC Newsletter Receive an exclusive monthly SBSC Program communication with the most current and relevant information on Microsoft incentives, promotions, and opportunities. Access to the SBSC Exclusive Resources website An exclusive SBSC resource providing the latest news, training, sales tools, and opportunities. Complimentary subscription to the SMB Partner Community Magazine SMB Partner Community magazine focused on core SMB content for the Small Business IT professional. How to join the Small Business Specialist Community To qualify as a Small Business Specialist, you must have a proven competency in marketing, selling, planning, and building solutions for your small-business customers. All active Microsoft Partner Program members who meet the Small Business Specialist requirements are eligible to enroll. ENROLL: Complete these steps and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community. Step 1: Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Program Visit Step 2: Subscribe to either Microsoft Action Pack or Empower for ISVs* Visit Step 3: Pass the online Small Business Sales & Marketing Skills Assessment Visit Step 4: Pass one of five technical exams Visit *Only applicable to Registered members of the Microsoft Partner Network. For questions on the SBSC Program, call: 1-877-254-6825, or email Additional Resources Training Resources: Program Overview: Frequently Asked Questions: Benefits and Requirements: Step-by-step enrollment Guide: Category: Microsoft SBSC Published: 10/8/2009 11:29 AM Attachments:

Special RTG Funds Available Exclusively to SBSCs

Body: Microsoft Small Business Specialists (SBSCs) have access to rebate funds reserved for them. SBSCs are eligible to receive up to $500 back on their marketing investments. Unlike what other Microsoft non-SBSC partners have to do, SBSCs have the privilege of not being required to match initial Microsoft funding. The second privilege is that just because you are an SBSC, you can receive up to another $500 back in additional funds (for a total of up to $1,000 funds reimbursed that do not require matching from you). Those funds are available for you to drive demand generation efforts through Ready-to-Go Marketing (includes Events, Campaigns, and various Marketing Services). We want to make it easy for you to grow your business. Don’t wait: Those funds exclusive to SBSCs are valid until Dec 31, or until supplies last . * To get your reimbursement, submit your invoice at . Your special promotional code is: ‘ SBSC ‘ Category: Microsoft SBSC Published: 10/6/2009 10:26 AM Attachments:

Do you BING?

Body: Of course we all Google, it has become ubiquitous, it has become its own verb. I have been telling folks who are looking for specific knowledge about a subject to “Google it”. But of course, Google has its draw backs.  With that said, I believe it’s just time before search engines get better at weeding out the “non-informative site”. BING ( ) is doing an excellent job of this.   I am committing to spend the next 30 days using only BING. I am doing this because I have found as I use it I become more and more addicted to the little things BING does. For example, put something in the search (BING) box and click on Images on the left. What you’ll notice is that there is only one page of images that will scroll seemingly forever if you pick something like Atlanta or Michael Jackson I let you know more next month about what I find. Category: Microsoft SBSC Published: 7/29/2009 11:08 AM

I've been selected by Microsoft for the SBSC (Small Business Specialist Community) Advisory Board

Body: LITTLE ROCK, AR – 6/4/2009 – Robert Lindley has been selected by Microsoft for the SBSC (Small Business Specialist Community) Advisory Board for fiscal year 2009-2010.  The advisory board represents over 6,000 SBSCs across the country and includes one member from each of the Microsoft’s SMS&P areas.  Robert will be representing the 536 SBSCs in the South Central Area.  Members are to provide input to Microsoft on the pulse of the SMB market’s customers, partners, and focus.  Category: Microsoft SBSC Published: 6/4/2009 11:57 PM