Promises not kept!

Body: I have totally dropped the ball here since ConnectWise Partner Summit.  Deborah and I had no sooner landed in Little Rock from Orlando when we got a phone call from our 26 year old son’s girlfriend.  He had an accident early Sunday morning 11/8 and was taken a local emergency room.  He had multiple broken bones in face below is right eye, missing 2 teeth, stitches in upper lip, and both eyes are heavily brushed.  He had facial reconstruction surgery last week and now has plates in his face to connect the upper jaw and cheek bones together.  His jaw has been wired shut to support the right side for the next several weeks.  He is doing great and should make a full recovery.  Thank you Lord! Needless to say, I have fallen behind at ISI and with promises made regarding “THE STUFF”.  I hope to work on my materials over Thanksgiving holiday.  Please setup an RSS feed on this blog or check back often.  In the mean time here are the PDFs that I posted back in May. ConnectWise Data Analysis Part 1 ConnectWise Data Analysis Part 2 ConnectWise Data Analysis Part 3 ConnectWise Data Analysis Part 4 Here is the PowerPoint from the session: Category: ConnectWise Published: 11/20/2009 9:19 AM

HTG5 is bringing it with 2 Great Webinars TODAY!

Body: HTG5 Peer Group members are bringing it with 2 Great Webinars Today! Register NOW!!! Microsoft Virtualization: Defined. Building your Virtualization Practice and Solution Offerings Dave Sobel, Evolve Technologies 11/18 at 12:00 PM EST Virtualization is becoming mainstream, and are you ready with your practice? Learn from Dave Sobel, author of “Virtualization: Defined. A Primer for the SMB Consultant”, how to build your consulting practice, get trained and offering solutions, and solutions you can start delivering right away. Learn about server consolidation assessments, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, and how to deliver high value solutions to your customers. ConnectWise Top Ten Tricks in Managing a Profitable Service Team Cohen Barnes, TBC Net, Inc. Nick Bock, Five Nines Tech Group 11/18 at 1:00 PM EST Join us Wednesday November 18th at 1pm Eastern for an insightful webinar with Cohen Barnes and Nick Bock, break out session presenters from Partner Summit. Among the highest rated sessions at Partner Summit, we invited Cohen and Nick to fly down to beautiful Tampa to do a live show and record this popular session. Cohen and Nick will speak in depth about how to manage a profitable service team. No matter how great your service offering is, if your business isn’t operated effectively and profitability, you may not survive. Get the 10 tricks that will positively affect the fluidity of your business operations and bottom line. These 10 concepts are simple, easy to incorporate into your business structure, and will make a huge difference in your operational costs. If you have an effective plan that utilizes these ten tips, your service team will realize increased profits and provide better service to your clients. Robert Lindley HTG5 Facilitator 501-217-8484 x101 HTG Peer Groups Business and Personal Growth Driven by Execution Category: ConnectWise Published: 11/18/2009 8:06 AM Attachments:

I Want More Than ConnectWise Reports & Dashboards – 12:30 & 1:45 – Scribe Room #HTG #CWPS

Body: Please join me in the Scribe room at 12:30 or 1:45 PM for some fun with the numbers and a better way to display and work with them from ConnectWise.  ConnectWise has over 80 reports and several management dashboards. Is this enough for you to manage your business? What key performance indicators (KPIs) are you monitoring? How often do you review the numbers? Are they trending up or down? This session will review the primary KPIs needed to run a successful IT services business and how to get this information graphically using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. You can put these pivot tables to immediate use and start making your ConnectWise numbers mean something. Attendees will gain insight on how to use this approach to evaluate trends not visible by just reviewing ConnectWise reports and/or dashboards. I will review how their firm has used Excel pivot tables linked to their ConnectWise data to analyze all aspects of their business. He will review the specific KPIs they use in their business, how these tables were created and can be modified, and provide all of the Excel spreadsheets they have developed to attendees. “Robert’s help has given us the ability to trend the effectiveness of our technicians, marketing campaigns, and all aspects of our business beyond the basic ConnectWise reports. Thank you for your Go-Giver attitude.” Cohen Barnes, Vice President – TBC Net, Inc. “Robert’s Excel pivot tables allowed us to go way beyond what ConnectWise reports deliver, allowing Evolve to get deep insight into our staff usage, billable time, and ticket trends quickly and graphically, enabling us to deliver more service with the same staff.” Dave Sobel, CEO – Evolve Technologies Category: ConnectWise Published: 11/6/2009 8:07 AM Attachments:

HTG5 Peer Group may have an opening for you! #HTG

Body: We recently had a member transfer to another HTG group of partners similar in size to his organization and may have an opening for you in our group.  Here is a list of our members: Cohen Barnes, TBC Net, Inc., Sycamore, IL, Nick Bock, Five Nines Tech Group, Lincoln, NE, Hardin Byars, Intellinet, Atlanta, GA, John Endter, E Squared C, Minden, NV, Bob Guchee, Parsec Computer Corp, Yakima, WA, Eric Kehmeier, Integrated Business Technologies, Broken Arrow, OK, Kathy Labozzetta, i3 Business Solutions, LLC, Grand Rapids, MI, Robert Lindley, Innovative Systems, Inc., Little Rock, AR, Dave Sobel, Evolve Technologies, Fairfax, VA, Mo Vij, General Informatics, Baton Rouge, LA, Reed Wilson, Palmetto Technology Group, Inc., Anderson, SC, Please drop me an email at or call me at 501-217-8484 x101 if you are interested in learning more about HTG5 Peer Group.  Our next meeting is November 2nd & 3rd in Orlando prior to the ConnectWise Partner Summit. The HTG peer group experience is a unique forum for technology industry resellers who are serious about implementing a model for success in their own businesses through sharing and collaboration of best practices. No single company has a monopoly on good ideas. Other IT companies like yours have the same issues, ask the same questions, and face the same problems. We network similar companies based on their size, number of employees, relative lines of service, ownership structure, and markets served to find unique solutions to common problems. Because HTG peer groups are national in scope, members are not operating in competing markets. The result is an intimate network where the expectation of confidentiality is an underlying facet of the group’s inherent design. The agenda for each meeting is designed around the felt-needs of the group and toward meeting the concerns and issues that face you in a fast-paced, increasingly complex business. For more information: Category: HTG Peer Groups Published: 10/22/2009 12:17 PM

New Yankee Workshop Series Ends (Sad day in the Lindley Workshop)

Body: It’s a sad day in the Lindley workshop as my inspiration for my woodworking passion, Norm Abram, ends his New Yankee Workshop series.  In the back of my mind I always had the thought that when I retired, Norm and I would spend our days together building family heirlooms in my workshop.  Now I guess it will have to be reruns of the New Yankee Workshop.           October 17th, 2009 Gina Eide This just in… Fine Woodworking just received word that the New Yankee Workshop is ending after 21 seasons on PBS according to Patrick Ramirez, a spokesperson for WGBH Boston. But the man in plaid, Norm Abram, won’t be retiring his tool belt yet, he’ll still continue working on sister show This Old House , according to a press release. The Fine Woodworking audience has a long relationship with the television host. Many credit him as the inspiration for getting started in the craft. In Norm Stories , a former editor at Fine Woodworking , recounts how Abram got him into woodworking after an appearance at Good Morning America. Abram also graced the covers of two issues of Fine Woodworking . FW published a profile on Abram in 1993 ( FWW #99) and more recently Abram wrote an article about crafting your dream kitchen in 2008 ( FWW #196). But, if this news is getting you down, it’s not too late to see this woodworking icon up close and personal in just a few days. Old Sturbridge Village is offering a brunch with Norm Abram Sat., Oct. 24. Category: My Health Published: 10/21/2009 3:17 AM Attachments: