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Vendor Management is Easier with Managed Services

Vendor Management is Easier with Managed Services

Every business has vendors and most of them take up more time than they probably should. Some of the relationships are pragmatic and fulfilling, but many take up too much time and effort and tend to distract decision makers from focusing on what is truly important within the business. As far as technology goes, depending on your company, you may have a dozen or more vendors contacting you sometimes a couple of times a month looking for you to expand your investment with their companies. Let’s talk about how vendor management can help your business.

You Get a Single Point of Contact

At Innovative Systems, Inc., we know that in order to deliver the most value to our clients, we need to take control of their IT. This includes taking charge of their technology vendor relationships. If you manage all of your vendors individually, it can take up a large chunk of time and take attention away from your business. Let’s take a look at an example:

Say you have a Voice over IP system that you use for your business’ communications. For this you may have a vendor that provides the service and one that provides the hardware you use in your business. When you add to your team and need new VoIP-enabled devices, you need to acquire a new service plan and new hardware. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, imagine all the times where you need to contact multiple vendors for situations and that time begins to add up. With a single point of contact through Innovative Systems, Inc., you never have to deal with that time and effort again.

Less Wasted Time on Sales and Marketing Calls

What’s worse are the constant monthly calls from your business’ active vendors wanting to let you know about the promotions they are running and how your business can take advantage of them. Many businesses have purchased things they don’t need because it was a good deal. Avoiding those conversations can help you save money; but the real time and money saver is the time you save not having to field dozens of calls every month from sales and marketing representatives of the companies your business actively depends on and deals with. Vendor management not only eliminates your need to handle vendor relationships, it also provides you with a situation where you only get the technology you need when you need it because there is a competent and knowledgeable intermediary handling these conversations for you. 

If you would like to learn more about our vendor management service, contact us at (501) 217-8484 today.

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