What Our Clients Say

Fast, Reliable & First Good IT Firm Experience


ISI stands out with Fast, efficient service and gives us confidence that backups and

security are taken care of.


Every other firm we used would mess up more than they fixed. We are very confident

coming to them with issues. Their technicians stay on top of them until they are

resolved, even complex issues that need further investigation.


This is the first good experience we have had with an IT firm.  We were very pessimistic

about IT firms until we started using ISI, they changed our minds!

Business Owner

One Call Gets Results Fast, Thorough Follow Up & Gladly Answers Questions We Have


With ISI I’m able to make a phone call and get results fast. They quickly get to the root of

the problem and they follow up several times to make sure everything is working after

the problem has been fixed. When choosing ISI as our IT company, they made sure we had

good compatibility with the person working with us. They are very personable and never

make us feel like we are asking dumb questions.

Customer Service Manager

Proactive Care Of Gives Us Peace Of Mind


The biggest benefit to working with ISI, is peace of mind knowing we are proactively taken care of. Better than any other IT Firm I’ve worked with, ISI calls when there is an issue, I don’t have to call them!  


They care about our business. Any business considering IT Services, will value ISI’s dedication to make your business operate correctly, does everything they can to make that happen.

Finance Administrator

Peace Of Mind, Keeps Customers Secure, Beneficial Extension To Our Office



ISI delivers peace of mind with friendly and professional service every time.  They communicate IT issues in a clear, concise manner for the everyday person to understand comfortably.


They are proactive in their IT services rather than reactive.  When a snag does arise the repairs/resolutions are greatly minimized due to their forward thinking in creating a secure IT environment for their customers.


ISI is consistently professional with the personal touch.  You’ll soon feel like they are a beneficial extension of your office!

Office Manager

ISI Excels In Responding To Client Needs


ISI demonstrates flexibility to meet our needs from start-up through our recent quick increase in scale. ISI understands our growing needs, responds quickly and demonstrates a proactive approach in preparing us for the future.


Better than other IT Firms we have worked with in the past, ISI consistently demonstrates a client centered approach and are eager to adjust to client needsISI sets the mark with an individualized approach to each client. It is the quick, flexible, and personalized service that builds our trust and confidence in ISI. Call them today.

Vice President

Speed, Responsiveness, Availability


We are very impressed by the responsiveness and speed with which ISI always works to address any issue we might have.  We just call or send an email, and ISI immediately works to help.  It is invaluable to us as a retail operation, since customers don’t have any patience for delays or downtime.


The availability is beyond anything we’ve seen or even expected and is much appreciated! If you are planning to select an IT Team for your business, stop debating and choose ISI!


Customized Service, Very Responsive, Cares About Customers


The biggest benefit in working with ISI is the customized service and willingness to come up with specialized solutions for our needs. ISI is very responsive and available, 24/7. Their employees are skilled and knowledgeable, which surprisingly is not always the case with IT firms.


I would highly recommend ISI to anyone who was considering using them. The ISI employees care about their customers and ensure they are running at optimum speed and efficiency.

Legal Assistant

Exceptional Personal Service, Fast Response, A True Partner Vested In Our Success


ISI provides exceptional personal service, attention to detail and fast response.  The technicians are clearly interested in providing lasting solutions for us.


Often times when outsourcing your IT needs, you end up with a company that may do what you need done, but is painfully clear they are not part of “your team”.  With ISI, it always feels like we are speaking with a team member about our issues and needs any time we call them.


I would highly recommend ISI.  They are a true partner with us and not just a vendor.  They are dependable, consistent and personally vested in our success.

President / CEO

We Are Extremely Pleased To Have ISI On Our Team


For a small company like ours, it is much more economical to have ISI handling all of our IT needs as opposed to hiring one or more internal resources.  With ISI we get the benefit of multiple resources, with different levels of experience and expertise, so a tech is ALWAYS available to assist our team when needed.


If you are on the fence about hiring ISI, don’t hesitate!  This decision is truly a no-brainer for our company and we are extremely pleased to have ISI on our team. The ISI technicians are friendly, helpful and professional.  We receive great support and service from every employee at every level of the ISI organization.

Chief Financial Officer

Fast Response, Knowledgeable, Treats Us Like People And Not A Number


ISI provides speed and quality of service. All requests are handled quickly, with attention to detail and in a personable, yet professional, manner.


Their knowledge and availability of representatives, separates themselves from the competition. Having a dedicated Tech helps because of the familiarity with our system, but the whole team is able and willing to jump in to respond to issues. I feel like our “account” is valued by every level of the ISI team at all times.


Give strong consideration to ISI and their services. No matter the time of day or whom I talk to, I am a person to them and not a number at a company they work with.

Accounting Department

Ease Of Mind, Trustworthy, Upfront, Dependable


ISI gives us ease of mind, knowing that we are covered moving forward. The staff truly cares and are concerned with issues. They are here when needed and ISI shares our same philosophy "People Helping People".


ISI takes care of finding a solution or fix for any issues that arrives. Honest .. Trustworthy .. Upfront .. Dependable ..


Prompt, Efficient, Takes Guesswork Out Of IT Compliance!


I love ISI because of the promptness of customer service!  Their management and staff are efficient, courteous and provide great service every time.


The Monthly FocusIT report serves as our required NCUA Vulnerability Assessment Report and takes the guesswork out of IT compliance questions!


ISI has helped us grow!


ISI has been with our company for almost 10 years and have helped us as we have grown our business. They have helped us grow from 1 Small Business Server to multiple servers and several virtual servers. It has always been a smooth transition and they are always on top of things. They continue to make sure customer service is their main focus, and as a customer I appreciate that. I look forward to our continuing relationship with ISI. I couldn't imagine not having them around. I don't know what I would do without them.


Excellent customer service and knowledgeable


ISI has excellent customer service and a team with a skill set that covers all the major aspects of IT. With ISI's assistance, we reduced our IT staff from 2 full-time employees to one part-time while we expanded to 5 servers and over 80 workstations. They ensure that their staff stays up-to-date on the latest technology and trends and transfers that knowledge to their clients. With ISI's assistance, we have moved our IT infrastructure from a reactive environment to a proactive one in our 24/7 manufacturing facility where servers and workstations must be reliable and efficient to run our daily operations.


They have been a lifeline for my team!

We met with ISI to determine how they could help us manage the technology needs for our locations. They helped us uncover issues that had previously gone unnoticed and gave us an action plan that we could present to our board of directors.

With ISI’s help and guidance, we implemented Microsoft Office 365 to allow our employees greater access to communication tools and reduce our patient response time. They have also helped us ensure that we have a reliable backup of our critical data.

We also enrolled in focusIT management service to allow access to tools that help me support our employees with greater efficiency and higher satisfaction.

ISI understands the needs of our operation and has been a lifeline for my team. The guidance and consulting they provide us has been second to none.

Management Information Systems Director

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